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NSFW (Not Safe For Work) (2014)

Stags and Hens (2014)

Calendar Girls (2013)

Fawlty Towers (2012)

Beauty and the Beast (2012)

That Face (2012)

Rent (2011)

The Full Monty (2010)

Prawn Paste Is Not Kosher (2010)

Shaken Not Speared (2010)

Romero The Musical (2009)

Into The Woods (2009)

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum (2008)

Jesus Christ Superstar (2007)

Chess: The Musical (2006)

Hot Mikado (2005)

Richard III (2005)

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A huge thank you...

CLICK is independently funded, and I am so grateful to our Angels: Wendy Cook, Alison Cuell, Abigail Gill, Elizabeth Maxwell, David Sanderson, Jenny Whitlock, Ruth Williams, and Mr & Mrs FW Tang for their generosity and support.

I started CLICK as a Theatre group in 1995 after being inspAudrey Tangired by the mantra “This looks like a good barn, lets do the show here!” It wasn’t quite a barn, but one of the first shows I produced, “A Slice of Saturday Night” by the Heather Brothers was on a stage my dad built out of toilet doors and bricks he found at a tip which the cast and I coated with lemonade to stop us slipping...and my mum made the costumes. Over the years, our projects grew and our productions to date include "The Full Monty (The Musical)", "Disney's Beauty and the Beast", "Calendar Girls" and "Stags and Hens"

The values that underpin my productions are:
1. The arts as a confidence building and self expressive pursuit should be ACCESSIBLE TO ALL, therefore, unlike most groups I do not charge a playing nor audition fee. I fund our productions out of ticket sales. I don't ask for previous experience, just commitment, a positive attitude and the willingness to learn and "give it a go". However, I am grateful to those individuals, our angels, who make donations to our productions as so many people benefit.

2. As long as we retain the integrity of the author we will CAST ON TALENT NOT "TYPE". I wholeheartedly embrace integrated and colourblind casting as the stage has such a responsibility to provide positive role models.

3. The wellbeing and enjoyment of the Production Team and Cast is of foremost importance and a happy company will in turn result in a happy audience. I put my company first. This philosophy has been derived from almost 20 years of knowing that a team and a cast will work for me...for free, and something I believe can be influential within any managerial approach.

I was awarded my PhD in December 2012 which focused on the training and support of frontline workers - notably teachers. (If you would like some bedtime reading, my thesis "Love's Labours Redressed: Reconstructing Emotional Labour as an interactive process within Service Work, can be found by clicking here). Through the opportunities this, and my own training and practice as a teacher prior offered, I started developing and delivering Training workshops to meet the needs of the organisations I worked within. While I am happy to tackle any training need (I have written sessions for soft skills, interview practice, safeguarding, telephone techniques and many others) my unique, and highly effective, approach is the use of "Forum Theatre" (Boal). Rooted in Experiential Learning (Kolb), this enables learners to reflect on and practice their behaviours within a safe environment. I work alongside another facilitator and two actors which allows us greater flexibility in session design and delivery.

To date I have had the opportunity to work with some fantastic creative personnel on projects such as the BBC on their Shakespeare festival (for which the Company is part of a Guinness World Record); the Young Performers Group enabling a local school group to perform at London’s “Haymarket Theatre”; the Romero Trust, producing the London Premiere of "Romero The Musical" (commemorating the 30th anniversary of the assassination of Oscar Romero) which featured on Vatican Radio; and with amateur and semi-professional performers on highly celebrated productions including "The Full Monty" (attended by Alan Duncan MP, and the Mayor of Hillingdon); "Disney's Beauty and the Beast" (attended by the Deputy Mayor of Milton Keynes); and "Calendar Girls" (attended by the Mayor of Milton Keynes, as well as being part of a(nother) Guinness World Record for the largest number of productions of a single play in an 18 month period).

Internationally, my Theatre Team have also worked with “Malaysiana Muda” (Malaysian Youth) in a Youth Cultural Exchange project to raise the profile of young people in Hastings and in Kuala Lumpur, and most recently with Little Penang Street Market and the Penang Players on an Arts Exchange in support of their local charities - raising over 2000RM, and look forward to more such projects.

My Consultancy Team also offer LAMDA examination classes, as well as bespoke workshops on Confidence Building and Self Presentation Skills (recent clients include Brunel University Business School, Little Penang Street Market, Penang and Rosbifs et Crepes, France). I am also a trained life/organisational coach and person centered counsellor.

For more information about our productions or classes, to commission a workshop, or arrange a coaching session, please email - and I will look forward to speaking with you.

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