Our Mission

The performing arts as a confidence-building and self-expressive opportunity should be accessible to all.

Within projects, our focus is on your willingness to learn, and we will happily help you grow. Each project we undertake is about teamwork – Thomas Reid says “A chain is no stronger than its weakest link”…and that’s ok with us! We know you’ll get stronger every time, and we’re there to encourage that journey…it takes strength to even stand on stage at all – so we’ve already seen your potential.

Our Values
The name “CLICK” comes from that moment when you “get it”, it “clicks”, as there is always a moment in every performer where they connect with the character, their co-stars and themselves, and that feels AMAZING! The energy that is generated through that moment is the foundation of self-belief, true connection and supporting each other to achieve the same goal. And that elevation lasts – you only move forward from there.
Confidence building:

Confidence cannot easily be taught, but it can be embedded through experience…therefore we work to create a safe space where people can begin to thrive.


With our founder (and producer) being a drama teacher we don’t mind if you’ve never done this before, if you’re willing to learn, we're willing to teach. We also have two wonderful resident Production Team leads – Stage Management and Set/Media/Tech who will help anyone wanting to work backstage.


As long as we retain the integrity of the author we will always cast on talent not “type” - wholeheartedly embracing integrated and colourblind casting, as the stage has such a responsibility to provide positive role models.


Unlike most amateur groups we have never charged a playing nor audition fee - our productions and events are funded out of ticket revenue. We also don't ask for previous experience, just commitment, a positive attitude and the willingness to learn and "give it a go". We are of course, always very grateful to those individuals, our angels, who make donations to our productions - which have included rehearsal space, props and costumes, as well as initial investment, so as many people as possible benefit – including the communities we support.


Just that. The wellbeing and enjoyment of the Production Team and Cast is of foremost importance and a happy company will in turn result in a happy audience. There is no room for ego, everyone “mucks in” and plays their role - we CLICK not form cliques!!