Shows and Productions - 2007

Jesus Christ Superstar

Lloyd-Webber & Rice

About this production
An amateur production by arrangement with The Really Useful Group

One of the most ambitious school trips with a cast ranging from Years 7 – Ex students, and a wonderful staff production team from Marlborough School. Lloyd-Webber and Rice’s driving rock opera about the crucifixion of Christ, performed in a fabulous church location, hosted by “The Rocket” at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Something which theatre has always been is a leveller, with diverse groups of people pulling together for a common cause.
Venue and production team
Show Venue:The Roxy, hosted by The Rocket, Edinburgh
Directors: Audrey Tang and James Griggs
Musical Director: Tom Davis
Choreographers: Lynette Driver and Audrey Tang
Tech: Richard Atterton, Bob Fitzsimmons, James Griggs

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